As we are bombarded with the imagery of a girl being atrociously ripped out of her school seat at Spring Valley High School by a trained adult Deputy, our hearts are heavy for the events that have taken place and what the future holds for our girls. At a time when our girls should be consumed with schoolbooks, homework assignments, or gadgets, girls have to be concerned about becoming victims of school crimes for their adolescent behaviors by adults who have a hand in their education. Is this the type of education we want to be instilled in our girls?

As advocates, Girl Vow understands the structural inequalities of such events and how broken spirits by the recurring themes of being devalued linger. How do we teach our children to navigate structural inequality when most adults canโ€™t process or explain it? Imagery has long term impact and is one of the reasons many civilians are quick to capture cell phone video before calling the police. The recurring images of police brutality sends chilling messages that our children are being trained for life and their inalienable rights are imagined. Girl Vow finds any excessive abuse of power by a person in authority against our children reprehensible.

No matter the adolescent act or discussion that preceded the behavior, Girl Vow is infuriated by Deputy Ben Fields actions. We demand swift and appropriate action be taken. Although, we know Deputy Ben Fields will be afforded the opportunity and has the ability to defend himself. Spring Valley High School needs to review its policies and periodically review the record of all officers who are managing their school system.

We want to send a clear message to the student who suffered abuse at Spring Valley High School, Niya Kenny who spoke against Deputy Ben Fields actions, and to girls all over the world whose fears are heightened by imagery of abuse and any acts of abuse against them that their inherit worthiness and value should NEVER be forgotten.