The Importance of Mentoring

Girl Vow, Inc. is a grassroots community based answer to the systemic inequities faced by girls.  An article by the Campaign Youth for Justice (2014), exposed how girls are more likely to suffer from emotional, sexual-violence, single parenthood, mental-health challenges, and are further harmed by incarceration at juvenile justice institutions. A greater risk is posed to disadvantaged youth when the foster care and juvenile justice systems intersect, known as crossover youth. Regrettably, many disadvantaged youth do not successfully transition into adulthood. Moreover, children heavily bound by bureaucratic notions do not receive the same level of education as their counterparts and are highly penalized for systemic obstacles. In comparison to their peers, disadvantaged youth have lower test scores, higher unemployment, and greater dropout rates due to an out of sync system. Girl Vow, Inc. was designed to address such social ills by using mentorship to teach girls how to become social contributors and navigate life.

Become a Mentor

Direct response to the increasing number of young women in New York City who are impacted by barriers such as, endemic poverty, juvenile justice, or foster care entanglement which lead to at-risk behaviors such as chronic absenteeism or even failed relationships. Girl Vow’s focus is to improve the quality of life for girls to address the socio-economic and emotional needs of girls. Evidence based research indicates that mentoring is a low cost effective measure that can be used to minimize risks and create positive adult behaviors. Mentorship leads to improved life outcomes, graduation rates, better families, and communities by providing quality of life benefits to marginalized girls impacted by institutional constraints.

We are looking for women from all professional backgrounds who can conduct one on one or group mentoring. All mentors must pass an interview, criminal, reference, and background check. Please send a resume to 

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