How We Can Help You

From court advocacy to leadership opportunities, Girl Vow treats you like family. In fact, many girls have come to know Dawn as an “Auntie” figure — standing behind them and fighting for their well-being when no one else would. If you want a better path for yourself, take the first step in changing your life today.

Girl Experiences

During my time in the foster and juvenile system, Girl Vow has helped advocate for me when no one else would listen. They have ensured that I got the proper schooling and corrected situations where my foster agency has done things that weren’t appropriate for my living situation. Girl Vow has introduced me to many experiences that are once in a lifetime for young girls my age, such as meeting with professional women and elected officials who want to hear our stories. 

Girl Vow has given me the opportunity to have a paid 1 year internship as a Recreational Specialist, and this has really helped me be able to get the personal things that I need. Personal items that were not provided by anyone else. Girl Vow has really been a great support system for me and always has been a listening ear. They attend all my court appearances and all my meetings with my foster agency. They have offered me therapeutic services and have worked out many problems I’ve gone through with my mom. 

- Juah Braithwaite, Youth Ambassador

At 16, I caught my first charge. I was never sentenced, but I was in and out of jail every couple of months. During this time, I was pregnant and dealing with a domestic violence relationship. My first kid was born on May 24, 2018. At 2 years old, he was placed into kinship foster care and I was doing supervised visits at an agency which made me lose time with my kid. Being in and out of jail and losing custody of my son, I couldn’t keep my head straight, I began to feel depressed, I lost a lot of weight and I dropped out of school. 

In August 2018, I met Dawn Rowe, the founder and director of Girl Vow. Dawn became my mentor and an advocate for me and my son. Dawn helped me better my anger, hired me as a Youth Ambassador, and I was able to work with other youth who have been through similar problems as me. Not only was I able to obtain a job, Dawn has helped advocate for me in getting custody of my son.

- Seniah, Youth Ambassador

In 2018, I was introduced to Girl Vow while I was incarcerated. Upon my initial release, Girl Vow tried to keep in contact with me, but at that point, I was not ready to change my life. It was not until I got re-arrested that I began to realize that the life that I was living was not living AT ALL and I was tired of being sick and tired. It was at that moment I knew I wanted better for myself. 

My experience with Girl Vow has been nothing but positive. Following my release, Girl Vow has helped me get back on my feet. They helped me enroll in college and obtain a job. Prior to getting involved with Girl Vow, my life was all over the place, but thankfully they have helped me make a complete 180. I am thankful for Girl Vow, and I look forward to many more opportunities and life-changing experiences they have in store for me.

- Tazhanee