In Light of COVID-19:

Girl Vow continues to respond to the crisis of girls and gender expansive youth as we know the pandemic will loom for years against an already hard-hit community. By way of digital programming, we are providing tools to respond to unexpected trauma and deal with an unimaginable crisis. Our participants have expressed their fears on life, anxieties, and a need to maintain human connection. We can't take everything away from those who need us the most or forget to leave our young people behind even in our decision making.

As we remain a dedicated resource, we will continue to respond to girls and gender expansive youth. We have helped our participants in the midst of giving birth at the height of COVID-19, while fighting criminal justice cases, residing in facilities, managing homelessness, and dealing with adult abandonment. We can't afford to stop now, they need us more than ever. Join us in supporting young people who have been traditionally counted out.

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Spring Valley High School: Girl Vow's Response

As we are bombarded with the imagery of a girl being atrociously ripped out of her school seat at Spring Valley High School by a trained adult Deputy, our hearts are heavy for the events that have taken place and what the future holds for our girls.